frequently asked questions

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Of course, if there is no answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Confused by weight limits?

The weight limits are set by EU (15kgs) and US (18kgs). They are set low as they are based on seats that attach to the handlebars where it is clearly dangerous to have too much weight. Our seat doesn’t attach in this way which is why it is unique. It actually improves the balance of the bike as the patented bar puts all the baby weight in the centre of the bike. Weight is never the factor that stops a child using the seat, it is height. This normally occurs at aged 4.

Where is my order?

Our orders cut off at 11am, though email us at to see if we can squeeze a late order in.

Once you have placed your order pre cut off. You should receive tracking information that evening if you gave us your email information.
Your order should be with you within 48hrs (24hrs if you paid the £5 expedited delivery charge).
DHL can deliver up to 8pm. If you have not received your order within 48hrs, then please call.
We do not deliver or ship at weekends.

Please note any failed delivery claim must be reported to us within 2 weeks for us to deal with couriers.

How quickly can you deliver?

Our standard is 48hrs, but we do offer a 24hr delivery service for a charge of £5.
Cut off is 11am, though email us to see if we can squeeze a late order in.
We do not deliver or ship at weekends.

I have a question on measurements.

Please go onto our PHOTO GALLERY and into the folder called SPARES / MEASUREMENTS.

Will it fit my bike?
“Yes, we fit your bike!”. Well my experience tells me that will be the answer. We fit most bikes normally, and for those who don’t have any space, we now have our Universal Stem Adaptor. See this video and this video for more info.

It is a “no” about 1 in every 200 times I am asked, seriously. But to be safe, email me at the name of your bike or a picture, and I can advise you. We confidently say we fit 99% of bikes now.

Questions or Problems?
If you are unsure how to fit, please email WeeRide accepts no responsibility for any damage to a bike where the product has not been correctly fitted.
If in doubt, just ask.

How to fit a WeeRide bike seat.

Check out our User Guides and Instruction Manuals on our Downloads page or one of our many videos.

Will my child fit in the seat?
The seat is suited for children aged 9 months to 4 years. I have known kids from 6 months to 6 years to use! Weight is never an issue. Height is. They will get to a stage where their legs are interfering with the handlebars. This is normally around aged 4.
What is the best way to get a quick response?

Please email for quickest answer day and night. Quicker than a phone call.

Where is the best place to buy one of your child seats?

We have a list of all our retailers here. We would always prefer you to buy from a physical store. These guys are the experts. If there isn’t a store near you, then the cheapest place to buy WeeRide products is

Where is the best place to buy a balance bike/tag along?

Unfortunately we don’t have many physical retailers for these products, though Mothercare and Asda Living periodically support them. The best place is therefore our online store.

Is the product in stock?

Our online store will tell you if the item is in stock. If not in stock we will try and give a date of when it will be back.

What is the difference between the Safe Front and the Classic Kangaroo seat?

Higher sides for increased child stability. Added strap underneath the bar for extra stability. 2 movement thumbscrew for safety. 2 movement buckle release for safety. Additional straps on footcup holders. Increased seat size.

Why is the "Sync Link" pivot on your tag so important?

The pivot controls the movement of the tag behind your bike so is the most important part. Our patented hitch gives a consistent movement, unlike other manufacturers.

What is the difference between the standard and deluxe versions of the seat?

The Deluxe has a thicker padding on the seat and podium and we tend to recommend for under 18 months. Over 18 months they do not need the extra padding as they have built up their own!

What is the difference between the Co Pilot and the Pro Pilot?

The Co is steel and the Pro is aluminium. The Pro will be lighter and not rust and so will last longer…but costs more 🙂

Where can I buy spares?

We have our spares listed here.

I want to be a reseller/retailer.

Great, please email us your information to

I would like to pickup my items.

This would be from Ashford in Middlesex. You would need to arrange via This is a working logistics warehouse so no weekend collections etc

I just want to chat to someone.

Then feel free to call 01753 255 404 and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. We are very busy after cut off and so morning / early afternoon calls are more likely to be responded to quickly. But the QUICKEST response will always be via email to

I have seen other frontseats coming onto the market, why should I buy a WeeRide?

It is the original and best. It meets EU standards unlike most of the others. The WeeRide fits to nearly all bikes, men’s and women’s and importantly does not affect the steering due to the way it connects, or the balance as it is centre and not front mounted. It is also built to the highest spec with your child’s comfort in mind.

How easy is it to install?

You should be able to install it yourself in about 20 minutes . Check out the 2 minute video on our videos page to give yourself a better idea.

How much does it weigh?

Installed weight is just over 7lbs/3.2Kgs.

I want to return my product.

No problem. It is very rare we have a returns request, so please email me first to see if I can resolve your issue,

Are the EU and US models different?

There are differences between the US and EU versions of the WeeRide seats. Check out this document for the details of the differences.

Weeride Returns Policy

See our returns policy for more information.


Our products are of the highest quality and come with a 1 year manufacturers guarantee

To validate your guarantee please send the following information to us at

Your name

Child’s name

Child’s DOB

Your address


Telephone no

Where you bought it (please note we will only honour guarantee if purchased from authorised reseller)

When you bought it

Price paid.

(Plus please keep your proof of purchase)

If your child does not fit in the seat at age 4 or below we will reimburse you 50% of the price you paid for the seat.
All you need to do is email us the information, receive authority for the return, and then return the seat to the address provided.

Seat needs to be returned in its original packaging please ** THIS OFFER ENDED MAY 2018 AS ALL STOCK IS NOW OPEN FOOTCUP

My bike doesn’t have space for the front of the bracket

Are you sure? Looks can be deceptive and it isn’t the chunky part of the front of the bracket you need to fit. It is the thin part on the other side and they only needs 5mm. Try, it normally fits.

I have less than 5mm space under my headset

Then you will need one of our adaptors. Please email a picture of the full side of your bike and he will advise.

The bar slips up when I tighten the bolts

There are two ways to resolve this. Create an angle in the bar. Or attach a small piece of self amalgamating tape to the weld to give the bar grip.

I need help with my fitting

Email with your question and a picture from the side of your bike.

International support
For support outside of the UK please contact the following for local support:


Any regions not covered or potential new distributors contact