WeeRide Universal Stem Adaptor – NEW ADAPTOR – only 1 we will sell now as best


Please email with a side picture of your bike and whether your top tube is over 45mm wide before ordering. This adaptor is not often needed.

The new Stem adaptor allows your WeeRide to fit to any bike with less than 5mm space under the headset or an over wide top tube (over 45mm).

It means we now will fit 99% of bikes out there.

ALL YOU NEED IS 20MM ON YOUR STEM – by raising your handlebars or removing spacers.

The only bikes we are aware of that the adaptor wont fit is some Giant bikes with 31.8mm stem, normal ones are 29mm

Please tighten so bar is secure in to adaptor channel.

Please do not over tighten as it could then affect steering.

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